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shiatsu energy work


Body, mind and soul are integrated. You feel positive and complete.

Healthy Energy

The treatment enhances your healthy energy and gives the impulse to heal and to relax. The inner flow leads to deep recovery.


Shiatsu connects us with our Higher Self. This supports us profoundly when our energy is under strain.

How I treat

shoulder treatment

The treatment is a living dialogue that follows the current state in a dynamic way.

back treatment

Touch in the full range, from deep pressure to the pure energetic contact.

neck treatment

All conditions are integrated. There is no Good or Bad.

What I offer

  • Consultation
    Is Shiatsu something for me? Can I get a treatment also after spinal surgery? Does it help with burn-out? How often should I come? Contact me with any question!
  • Treatment
    We have a short initial talk, then I treat you on a comfortable massage table. You are fully clothed, at the end there is enough time for rest and a final conversation. The session takes about one hour.
  • Remote session                                 
    Therefor we should know each other already. Then we do the initial and the final talk by phone or on Zoom. For the treatmant of approx. 25 minutes you lie down undisturbed at a quiet place.
  • Cost
    Consultation: free
    Treatment or Remote session: please contact me!

About me


Comprehensive professional training at the European Shiatsu Institute in Munich, Vienna and Rome.
Advanced trainings:
- Shiatsu for the Joints I, II und III (David Bradfield)
- Creative Shiatsu for Cancer Patients (Pamela Ferguson)
- Shiatsu for post-traumatic Conditions 
- Fascia and Shiatsu, Level I, II und III (Gabriella Poli)
- Chakra (Diego Sanchez)
- The extraordinary Meridians and the Energetic Field (Nicola Ley)

Hans Perret



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